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Refinishing is an economical way to beautify you bathroom.   When new, your bathtub surface is nice and shiny.  As time goes on however, your tub's surface can dull, get damaged by acidic or abrasive cleansers or look outdated.  The original homeowner's color choice may not go with your neutral decorating theme.  The tub can be nicked or scratched.

Replacing a porcelain bathtub is time consuming, expensive and messy.  It is now the time for a bathtub resurfacing. This will save up to 80% of the cost of tub replacement.  We can do the job in one day, without removing the tub.  If there are any repairs to be made, they are done first.  Then we use a tried and perfected method to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface before the tub reglazing.  After the new coat is applied, in 24 hours your tub is ready to use.  It will have the same luster as a new tub, and will be easy to keep looking clean and beautiful.  

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